A Naked Woman’s Purpose


Growing up, I lived in the castle of my dreams. Each chamber represented a fantasy I wanted to share with as many who could pay close attention to hear the silent screams of my wandering thoughts. 

It took only a few years to realize life isn’t what it seemed.

Fairytales did not exist.


No Cinderella and her one nightstand turned avenue for her prosperity with a rich prince. No snow white got lost in the woods and a savior to bring her back to her throne. I was not a sleeping beauty either; my life did not take a dramatic pause for 100 years to be awoken by a knight in shiny armor.

It made me wonder. What truth lied between the essence and existence of humanity? What was life?

It sure was not the sweet stories I had built in my head. Therefore, what exactly was it. 

I did not have to search too long to find my answer. Mama had put a treatment in my head already at the age of fourteen, I only had to develop the screenplay and live in it. 

She said put God first, take education next.

I tried that.

I unveiled a secret then. 

Read and pass. Do not read, you will fail.

The simple terms and conditions, education in a third world country could offer you.      

She made a revelation also on the pride of motherhood and womanhood. Her theory on vast years of experience stated, “women were to keep their pride until the sacred bond of marriage”; for she claimed, my pride lied in my purity. She defined me as a whole entity according to the status of the unbroken hymen.

She was wrong.  

Teenage curiousity got me towards a path, right down the road of sex and shame. The path they labeled destruction, which was nothing more than a twenty minutes quest for pleasure. 

People may argue it meant more, but I ask, how much more does it mean?

Was it well enough to define who I am as a female surviving in a land where the males are seemingly dominators?


This is why I went on a quest.

A quest to reveal the stories that lied within womanhood. Stories seen from every angle.

They may be short, long, a two-liner or a four page. Each female entity in every piece has a purpose. Stripped to the bare of her skin, she holds a value for every inch of her being. These revelations are the foundations for this book. 

Enjoy, for I only hope the message of each story is passed across in plain understanding.

Williams Precious J


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