Like an Emperor

In your superiority, you took your stance
Like an Emperor!
Looking hot as a burning star
Burning incandescently within me
What were a girl meant to see!
In your stance giving not an inch you see 
 You stood gazing at me;
Standing by, his chariot you should have seen;
Deeply rutted in the indentations of my mind
I stood looking at you as you came by me
You looked at me with that smile
Just a hint of a smile
Indolently annoying me
He looked divine, in the corners of my mind I flipped 
His hair curled just a little around his eyes,
The back of his neck…
He wore that Toga just to impress me!
Sending shivers down my spine
His feet slightly apart, arms akimbo
Holding his stance for all to see
I gave him my scarf so he’d ride for me
I saw the starlight in your eyes
As you picked up speed & rode away
Your hair floating whispering in the breeze
Holding those reins, your arms so strong
I could imagine every sinew running through you;
Looking back at me!
The sun’s in your eyes you couldn’t see me!
Playing games my mind 
As I! Imagining you kissing me
Taking hold of me for all your worth;
Through the streets of Rome,
Riding manically I see that chariot of yours
Leaving behind you those indentations
Deeply rutted in the streets of my mind
Running to you, with laughter in my eyes
Hungrily kissed you, been such a long time
Your hands whispering over me,
Surprised how your touch affected me
In the extremities of my mind touching you
I could feel every sinew
I could feel your heart beating against mine
Taking hold of me one more time
Incapable my mind of reasoning
There was no returning for me
Taking all you had to give all of you;
Within me delirium
Grasping at nothingness to anchor me
I was lost, lost in the momentum
Escaping from me implicitly my mind
Time & again calling out you name
Kissing your lips your eyes
It took every ounce of me to find the strength,
I gave you my mind my life
Giving my all to you; If so desired
I gave you my mind
A brain of my own I possess
Play you can not with this brain of mine
Into overdrive may go at any time
Waking up from my reverie
My secrets resides in the recesses of my mind
The very extremities of me;
Back to reality…

Connie James


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