Literary Earth Publishing


Literary Earth just got better. Authors and writers from far and wide now have a chance to publish a better book. Literary Earth now comes with the edit and Proofread feature. After finalizing the beauty of your book, we could link your book to a traditional Publishing company (Author’s choice) at the cheapest rate.

Publishing a book that doesn’t sell or worse, gets horrible reviews is not the dream of any author. You need a book editor who isn’t afraid to cross out a lot of errors. Sometimes, to fix a manuscript, it has to die to be reborn. 

Literary Earth has insanely talented editors with years of experience in picking out the errors in your work and with vast knowledge in both fiction and nonfiction writing.

We help fiction and nonfiction Authors perfect their manuscript and publish books that readers will love.


Are you looking for professional book editing services from professional editors? Look no further. Besides editing, we can also answer all your questions and get you started in building your author platform.



Our editors are confident, calculated and experienced. We give our editors just one chance to impress you as they get to compete for your work. As an author, you will send two pages of your manuscript to one of our editors who will work on it to perfection. If you don’t like the outcome, your work will be handed over to another editor. Trial by fire is dependent on the choice of Author.


As an author, you get to dialogue with the editor in charge of your book and your problems can be made known to the editor who will provide the answers. Our editors and Author relationship is very close, as the editors gets back to every Author on any part of the manuscript that doesn’t seem right. It is an extremely transparent process which gets you closer to the editors.


Our Packages

The Soft Package – $3 per page

 – Proofreading.                                                                                                          

 – Line Edit.                                                                                                                  

 – Fix spelling and grammar.                                                                                     

Jelly Package- $5 per page

– Proofreading

Line edit

Fix spelling and grammar



Manuscript review

The Hard Package- $10 per page

– Proofreading

– Line edit

– Fix spelling and grammar.

–  Organization


– Manuscript review

– Complete editing.

– Heavy copy editing

Pre Publication Proofread.

Each page is made up of 250 words. 

Have you decided on the package you would consider best for your manuscript? Send us an email on

Literary Earth

Your Words, Your World.


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